The Parents In The School Home

The Parent’s Solemn Duty

Do not neglect your children while they are young. The sons and daughters of Christian parents should be educated to realize their responsibility to God in childhood and youth. There is earnest work to be done in this age, and they must be educated to share in it. We cannot estimate the possibilities of usefulness that lie undeveloped in hand, and brain, and heart. You should instruct the children in the duties of practical life. Teach them to regard the humble round of everyday duties as the course marked out for them by the Lord; as a school in which they are to be trained to render faithful and efficient service. All their powers are to be educated and disciplined to do service for God. He requires that the first, the best, and the most useful talents shall be employed to carry forward his work. The same zeal and energy, tact and order, which are exercised in counting-rooms and shops, and in the fine arts, are to be brought into the work of God. Teach them now to cultivate firmness and integrity. It was this careful training in his earlier years that enabled Joseph, when suddenly exalted from his dungeon to the throne, to fill his position with wisdom and honor. So the youth and children of our time are to be gaining solidity of character, that they may be prepared to be used as instruments of God in the missionary work. {ST May 4, 1888, par. 6}


Curriculum for Ages 0-7

For those parents who will be the sole teachers of their children in the formative years, we have listed some resources for you to utilize in the home.  Sonlight Education Ministry has very comprehensive, biblical lessons which are age-appropriate for the young ones who are not yet school-aged.  On their site, all of their materials are free and downloadable.

Pre-Enrollment Testing 

Three Angels Academy utilizes a diagnostic test to ascertain your child’s fitness for each grade level.  As a prospective parent, you may desire to test your child’s mastery of subjects.  We recommend utilizing A.C.E. Diagnostic Test, which is a free online tool to help assess your child’s needs and abilities in these subject areas: reading, math, writing, and other academic areas.


As a prospective parent, your desire to help your child gain fitness for our grade levels.  We recommend tutoring to ensure your child is ready to meet the rigors of school life.  We are often asked for tutoring resources.  We feel you first option should be to solicit the help of a tutor with which your family is familiar.  Though we are not affiliated with HeyTutor, we desired to provide a convenient resource for those seeking tutoring help online.  


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