Use Your Talents For The Lord’s Service

Each one of us has a talent to use in service for the Lord.  He has given us talents in the form of means, innate abilities, and developed skills to help spread the gospel of salvation.  Chapter 25 in the book Christ Object Lessons thoroughly renders an array of talents and how they may be used. We recommend this reading for any student, parent, staff, or administrator who desires to understand their individual talent or array of talents.   

Three Angels Academy can benefit from the talent(s) of men and women who are inspired to volunteer their talent of time to the Master’s service.  Prayerfully, we ask those interested in volunteering their time to consider supporting our mission by becoming a tutor at the academy.  You may be proficient in subject areas our students need help mastering.


Tutoring is one service that upholds the educational success of 3AA students.  Members of the Saved to Serve Community may volunteer their teaching talents to 3AA.  We seek volunteers in the areas of writing, reading, arithmetic, geography, Bible, history, and health and science. Volunteers will serve up to two hours per week. We are always looking for tutors.  Fill out the form and you will be contacted by a member of our team to see how your talent(s) may fit with our yearly educational goals to bring the gospel to the world.