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Congratulations, your application for enrollment has been approved! We are happy to welcome you to the 3AA family. There are a few more steps that need to be taken to complete your registration. Upon completion, your child will be ready to start school. Follow the instructions below carefully. Assistance is available if needed.

God bless!


Please find below, the protocol for registering your child's/children's school email account:




FIRST,  go to and clck on the "Email Login" button to setup a student email account.


SECONDLY, click on LOG IN and for the username enter student's "".


THIRDLY, the student's temporary password is "changeme". Upon successful login, change the password for security purposes.


In order to access your email, you may visit the school's webpage  or go to  


If your child has an extraordinary name (ex. hyphens, apostrophes, more than one first or last name, etc.) or if you other issues with logging in, please email for assistance.





You will find in your child's school email an invitation to the 3AA Zoom Network. This web conferencing platform will be used for attending daily Live Class Connect Sessions. The student will need to log into their own account. The parent will also receive an invite join our school Zoom network via the email account that was used to register the child.





3AA will post all assignments and upload their completed work on the Online School (OLS) platform called Edsby. Additionally, our school calendar and announcements will be posted here. Parents will receive an invite using the email provided during registration. Please have the student login using this protocol:



Password: 3aawelcome


If you plan utilize Zoom on your smartphone, you will need to go to Android Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app called Edsby.  When prompted for the server address, please enter “twine” and then click “go”.  You will then be able to login using the previously assigned credentials.


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