The Parent’s Role As A Learning Coach

Get Involved

“The parents in the home and the teacher in the school are to cooperate. The instruction given the child in the home is to be such as will help the teacher. In the home the child is to be taught the importance of neatness, order, and thoroughness, and these lessons are to be repeated in the school. Our schools are to be built up. They are to be as the schools of the prophets. We are to expect that angels of God will be the helpers of the teachers in all the service that is done to the glory of God.”  {10MR 324.3}

Leaning Coach Expectations

  • Make sure the student has enough rest and nutrients for a productive school day
  • Devote several hours per day overseeing their students’ schoolwork
  • Set the daily schedule with varied activities and breaks
  • Assist with lessons and communicate frequently with the teacher
  • Help monitor student progress and comprehension

The typical time commitment for a Learning Coach varies:

Grades 3–6: 3 to 6 hours

Grades 7–8: 2 to 4 hours

Grades 9–12: 1 to 2 hours

How Online Schools Work

Are you curious about how our online schooling works? As the parent, it is imperative that you take an active role in your child’s learning. Although teachers will be facilitating well-planned instruction, parents will be expected to assist as a Learning Coach. A Learning Coach is usually the student’s parent or another responsible adult who dedicated to making sure their child receives a quality education.

A Learning Coach supports the student in the learning process while they are enrolled in Three Angels Academy. They are responsible for ensuring that their student is on track with assignments and coursework as well as communicating with their teachers throughout the school year. A Learning Coach plays an active role, especially in the early grades.

Understanding the role of the Learning Coach is key to the success of your virtual school student. In general, the age of your student determines how much hands-on time you will spend as a Learning Coach.