Parent-Teacher Association

Parent-Teacher Association Meetings

Three Angels Academy, like its parent branch, is organized for service, especially evangelistic service. In this vein, our Parent-Teacher Association will only be organized for this purpose. The administration welcomes innovative thought partners with parents and guardians who wish to volunteer their services to help build a sense of community among parents, teachers, and students in this virtual environment.  Typically, PTAs organize events, family-oriented activities and collaborative projects that build and promote the school’s mission, spirit, and culture.  Any events, activities, or projects organized by the Three Angels Academy PTA will be to the glory of God.   

This association is voluntary; so, we will not have a PTA without our volunteer partners.  We believe that together, we can do remarkable things for the Lord. Understanding how to navigate a collective effort in these times of financial famine and travel immobility will take the leading of the Holy Spirit through collective prayer to foster like-minded collaboration.